Saturday, August 29, 2020

PANDEMIC DIARY - How I Spent My Sequester - Pt. 3 - Breakfast

How I Spent My Sequester - Pt.3

 To Keto or not to Keto, that is the question?

Backstory - since the sequester, I've hiked (well, as I've mentioned before - "hike" is a 'loose' definition of what I do on most mornings).. after which, I'm hunched over my computer for hours "talking" to friends and bitching on Facebook, scrolling thru Twitter and Instagram... BUT, I've also started the sequel to my political thriller "Freeze Frame" (, written articles for the Ojai Quarterly and Ojai Monthly glossy magazines, binged on television series and gained 5 pounds (one lb + ounces for every month) so far!  It's all Richard's cooking's fault.  Hey, my blog isn't called "My Dinners With Richard" for nothing - and I've never claimed to have any will power when it comes to food (I am a food lover/writer, after all)...  Here's a taste as to how these 5 pounds set up camp in my body.

When left to my own devices, I start the day off most mornings with an egg or some cheese or a handful of almonds or a slice of meat - maybe an avocado - for breakfast - but on weekends, Richard often makes us breakfast/brunch... there goes the ketosis.

To Keto -

Sometimes it's an omelet or scrambled eggs

 sometimes a fried egg over medium...

and then there's his pancakes made with almond flower and a side of bacon...  

or, waffles from a Keto mix gifted us from a friend.  Or...

Not To Keto - 

Another bagel morning - sans Nova

 OK - Richard didn't bake the bagels or grow the tomatoes or catch the salmon - nor did he hold a gun to my head forcing me to eat them, but, I'm a New Yorker - we love bagels - well, real NY bagels - and these were REAL New York bagels given to us by a friend at the beginning of the pandemic...  but, I still blame Richard - what's a husband for anyway?
Avocado toast! 

To be fair - this is on bread w/ only 9 grams of carbs per slice
Then there's Richard's baked goodies to be eaten anytime... 

Lemon Bread!  
My mom's recipe can be found on this blog
Buttermilk Drop Biscuits!! 
For supper or breakfast or anytime during the day
No Knead Bread!!!
Recipe on this blog
 Fresh out of the oven, still warm with butter melting on the slice - how does one resist?

I won't even get into the amazing pasta dishes he's made since the sequester -- that will be my next story to tell... with pulchritudinous pictures.