Thursday, July 28, 2016


Recognize this?

The Birds

Our excellent adventure was winding down, so Bob, Nguyen, Richard and I got back on the coast highway and made our way to the town of Mendocino for a leisurely afternoon.  We had done this drive twice already, so I knew what to expect and when to close my eyes so my heart wouldn't race as I imagined us careening off the cliff in the Pacific Ocean below.  I barely whimpered.

Once in town, we strolled the main street, filled with quaint buildings an interesting shops and galleries.

We walked the side streets with its picturesque homes surrounded by white picket fences.

And checked out the Art Center for a little local culture...

... and the theater...

Hungry, we had a late lunch in the beautiful yellow, three story hotel where Richard and I stayed some years ago..

...then after shopping in the town's fabulous gourmet market for the dinner Richard and Bob would made that night, we headed back to our cabin.

On our last excellent adventure day, the weather was dreary, so we stayed close to our cabins and explored Point Arena, the little town where we were staying and ended up at The Chowder House, an upstairs tavern for lunch...

... by the town's fishing pier.

By the time we got to the lighthouse for one more look, the sky way blue.

The next morning we had to say good by to our cabins in the woods...

... and head back to Bob and Nguyen's house in Sacramento - but not before stopping at The Dog House in Bodega Bay for dogs and square burgers where our excellent adventure first unfolded.  After lunch we drove to the town of Bodega (not to be confused with Bodega Bay) and stepped into a Hitchcockian nightmare.

There's the church!!!

And the schoolhouse!!!

and Tippi Hedren with a bird picking at her head!!!

The Buckners didn't get us, but will the birds?!?!?"

I cowered behind Hitch til he promised me they'd behave.  Richard and Bob reassured him I wasn't crazy, while wondering why Hitch seemed to have just arrived from Honolulu.

We said goodbye and headed back to the coast highway going south toward sea level.  Our excellent adventure was over.  But I still kept a lookout for birds!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Back to Gualala

Another day in Mendocino county.  The fog had lifted and so far the murdering Buckners were a no show.  Praise the Lord.
After a lazy morning, Bob suggested we go back to Gualala and seek some "culture."  But first we decided to check out the nearby Point Arena Garcia River Casino.  You've heard of casino culture, right?

 We left there wallets intact.

Though Gualala is known for its bevy of artists, I had no idea this small town also had such an impressive art center.  The exterior is dotted with pieces of sculpture...

Inside a stunning exhibit of Native American portraits was proudly on display.

We did the 'new age' thing and found stillness in the meditation center on the property.

And danced on the Art Center's outdoor stage.

No audience flocked to see us.

By the time we finished exploring the Art Center, we were in the mood for a "tasting," and, as we drove here and there and up and up a mountain, we discovered the Annapolis Winery.

But first Richard had to photograph the view.

While Bob and Nguyen spooned.

Finally we went inside and sipped some wine.

We headed back to our cabins in the woods as the sun set on another day of our excellent adventure.  Because we were once again high up on the coast highway, I kept my eyes closed the whole time and wondered what Bob and Richard were going to make for dinner.


22215 Windy Hollow Road
Point Arena, Calif.  95468

4650l Old State Highway
Gualala, Calif.

26055 Soda Springs Road
Annapolis, Calif.  95412