Tuesday, December 1, 2009



a la Julia Child

Just when we thought we could put away “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” Thanksgiving comes upon us.

After waving goodbye to my brother and his wife on Wednesday in Sacramento, Julia’s boeuf bourguignon still tripping the light fantastic on my tongue, we made our way to the Bay area to spend Thanksgiving with my cousin Linda, her husband John, their children and their children.

Like most of you, we had turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casseroles (two!), a green bean casserole, salads, onions, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls, etc., etc. Oh, and this is where the cookbook comes in… Julia Child’s garlic mashed potatoes.
We awoke Thursday morning with sugar plum fairies dancing (oops -- wrong holiday) with thoughts of roast turkey and candied yams dancing through out minds. Linda and John were in charge of making the turkey and stuffing, their daughters were bringing the sides and when Richard saw that Linda also had “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” he volunteered to make Julia’s garlic mash potatoes. I’d type up the recipe for you, but it takes up two pages in her cookbook. So, if you have the book, you’ll find it on page 520-521.

If not, it’s on the internet. Though these potatoes did not come from the ten pound, 99 cent bag of potatoes I’ve been writing about, this dish completes my essays on the joys of eating a few spuds. Though a bit more labor intensive than your everyday mashed potatoes, these are definitely ‘I want more and then some more’ potatoes.

While helping to set the table (remember, I really like making ‘pretty’), I kept sneaking more tastes of these glorious, creamy mashed delights. If the children and grandchildren hadn’t shown up when they did, I think I would have eaten them all.

By three o’clock everyone had arrived with many other delicious dishes (I wish I had remembered to take pictures of everything, but I was too busy eating). The weather was warm enough to have our appetizers outside. There was, of course, a cheese platter (we’re Finns – we love cheese), some hummus and an amazing eggplant spread, the recipe for which I hope my cousin Michele shares so that I (well, Richard) can make it for our holiday parties. After appetizers were over, we went back inside and piled our plates with food… the yams, onions (another must have Michele recipe I want) traditional green bean casserole, salad, stuffing and moist, tender turkey were all ‘divine’ even if they were made in earthly kitchens…

When the candles were lit we all gathered around the table – thankful for this incredible meal and thankful for each other.

The question now is… what Julia recipe are we (well, Richard) going to make for Christmas?

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

I, for one, can't wait to find out what will be on the Christmas menu! Between the movie and your postings, I'm really going to have to break down and buy "Mastering...".


Chimi said...

Julia Roberts' Garlic Mashed Potatoes? I'm IN! Alright! YES!

WHAT? It's NOT Julia Roberts? Julia Stiles? Not Julia Stiles either? Oh, I see. Julia Child. ;-)

Well, I ultra, mega LOVE Mashed Potatoes. It seems like no matter how big of a mound of Mashed Potatoes I serve myself, there cannot NOT be seconds. LOL

Woooooo! A 2-page recipe for Garlic Mashed Potatoes? Sounds about like one of my typical Comments, doesn't it? LOL I'm certainly famous for my Texas-sized Posts and Comments on my Blog Community. But, for 2-pages of details, those Garlic Mashed Potatoes MUST be Scrumptulescently Yumlicious!

WwwwWOW! You certainly "Make Pretty" down to the millimeter! OMG! It's enough to make a Drill Sergeant DROOL at the sight of such perfection. :-)

Lonie, great to hear and SEE that you had a great and belly-satisfying Thanksgiving. As I had previously told you, I was unfortunately sick that day. I ate plenty, but somehow I felt like I couldn't concentrate and seemed disorganized with my eating. It was like I didn't enjoy my lunch with 100% enjoyment. I'm all better now, though.

ilona saari said...

Chimi, so sorry you weren't feeling well for Thanksgiving, but glad you're better now. Wish you could have tried those mashed potatoes -- They were truly beyond excellent. ;o)