Friday, December 25, 2009



Like so many men "of an age" Richard grew up loving Marilyn Monroe - her sexiness, her beauty and her vulnerability - so when Hallmark a decade ago put out a series of limited edition Marilyn Christmas tree ornaments, I had to buy them for him.  They've hung proudly on our tree ever since and thought I'd share a couple of them with y'all.   And what does this have to do with gingerbread men?  Absolutely nothing, but so what? 

On to gingerbread wo/men...

While eating Finnish pulla (pronounced bulla) toast for breakfast this morning (a Christmas morning ritual we have courtesy of my brother who bakes these 'coffee cake' breads each holiday season), Richard and I talked about last night's open house, sharing our home with friends we love, the food we made, the desserts friends made and I thought I'd begin blogging about the party by introducing you to my friend, Ann, and the crisp gingerbread wo/men cookies she brought to our party.  Like me, she's a food blogger and below is the link to her 'unusual' take on gingerbread wo/men cookies.  As advertised they're crispy AND they're delicious.

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