Saturday, October 31, 2009


Salmon Pasta w/ Leftovers

To recap yesterday's blog, I was in the mood for salmon pasta and since there was no Yankee game I could prevail upon Richard to make it for me.  I knew he wouldn't mind because he loves salmon, so I took out those pieces of salmon tail he always cuts off the fish and freezes when making salmon for guests. (He does this to keep the filet servings the same thickness throughout).

Well, as I'm sure you recall, he came hobbling home from his early morning tennis game with a torn or pulled calf muscle... no standing over a hot stove for him.  On the menu was RICE:  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. 

But, but, but... I had already taken the fish out of the freezer!!!   And, and, and... I wanted salmon pasta.  So, so, so... I had to make it.

The refrigerator was pretty bare, so I decided I'd cook up whatever I found.  We had leftover peas and onions from the pork dinner I made the night before and some wilted iceberg and romaine lettuce.  And there was a bit or arugula still alive in our herb garden.  We had whole wheat spaghetti,  fresh garlic cloves, rosemary (also from our garden), parmesan cheese, fresh lemons and EVOO.  What else does one need?  Well, a lot, but I didn't feel like going to the market.

So I boiled the pasta, sauteed the salmon in EVOO with a fat clove of garlic and rosemary, then add the peas and lemon juice.  Then for a side veggie dish, I tore up the lettuce and threw it in another skillet with EVOO, added the onions and arugula, sprinkled it with salt and pepper and did some more sauteing...  I plop the pasta in a bowl, poured the lemon juice, EVOO garlic sauce over it, grated some parmesan cheese and tossed.  Then added the salmon on top, then garnished with rosemary sprigs.  I put the side of lettuce and onion in a bowl and brought everything to the table and served it up.

Was it good?  Actually it was delicious.  Was it gourmet?  Not in the slightest.  Was it cheap?  Very.  Pennies a plate.


Susan said...

Mmm. My way of eating. Good that you have your garden. So sorry about Richard's torn ligament. Send my regards.

ilona saari said...

I will. Is this Susan Haymer? Or one of 'my' other Susans. ;o)

Anonymous said...

It has been my understanding that parmesagne cheese on any fish dish is an absolute no no, other than the fact that I hate Rosemary for a spice it sounded OK. Sid

ilona saari said...

It wouldn't be a choice of mine for a 'strickly' fish dish -- but freshly grated on pasta w/ salmon or shrimp w/ a tomato sauce or olive oil sauce and tossed - Yum! ;o)

saucyredhead said...

I'm not very good with using leftovers, so you've inspired me! Very creative.

ilona saari said...

Hey, kiddo - welcome to my blog -- just made almost the same thing last nite w/ leftover roast chicken and today I'm making chicken soup w/ all the 'bones' -- 3 meals, possibly 4, from one chicken on sale at Vons for under $4.00. Can't beat it. Hoping to get Richard to make some biscuits!!! Southern style!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOO This sounds simply deeeevine! I will be trying it very soon.
Barb Kennedy