Friday, October 30, 2009

A BRIEF MUSE ... tennis & salmon pasta


While Richard went off this morning to play tennis, I sipped coffee and perused the internet, killing time before I had to leave for my manicure appointment - a vanity indulgence I'll probably keep up even if I'm homeless living in a cardboard box on a beach in Santa Monica... 

Anyway, while I sipped that coffee and whiled away the hour, I remembered the Yankees were off today as the series picks up in Philadelphia tomorrow.  So... Richard can cook dinner.  Yay!  What should I take out of the freezer?  I checked - still sipping - and saw we had some salmon bits and pieces - great for a salmon pasta.   I prefer his shrimp pasta with rosemary, lemon, EVOO, garlic and I forget what else - but it seemed like a salmon day, so out came those bits and pieces. 

Evening menu set,  I was preparing to leave when Richard hobbled in - literally.  It seems my own personal Roger Federer tore a muscle in his calf.  Having done that a few times in my 'dancer' days, my mind immediately traveled back to those ice packs strapped to my leg.  I hated them.  His tennis partner, however, suggested heat.   Well, maybe conventional wisdom had changed, so... after reading every 'remedy' on-line, ice prevailed and Richard is now on our bed, leg elevated, ice pack pressed to his calf.

Guess who's making the salmon pasta tonight?  That's a rhetorical question...

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Richard said...

My calf is still sore!