Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Day One

"35 years, Evie.  35 years!"  So lamented Littlechap played by the brilliant Anthony Newley to his long, suffering wife, Evie (Anna Quayle) in the Broadway show, "Stop The World I Want To Get Off" (one of my favorite Broadway experiences as I was completely mesmerized by Newley)...

...So, when Richard said he wanted to explore the lovely coastal town of Cambria to celebrate our 35th anniversary (40 years living together - yeh, we're getting old), I was thrilled, although "long-suffering wife" is not how I would ever be described by anyone. What a grand way to have a romantic get-away after all these years.

When we arrived, it was dark and dreary, but I love being by the ocean on an overcast day.  The view was magnificent.  The smell of the Pacific invigorating... so much so, we dropped out bags in our room and went for a hike on the cliff above the ocean on the beautiful trail in front of our hotel.

After our hike, we decided to check out the town and found ourselves in Madeline's restaurant and tasting room. 
We loved the space and booked a table for our anniversary dinner that night.

Back in our room, we rested for a minute, but were soon out on our patio to watch an amazing black and white sunset, as we sipped a glass of wine (I did mention it was a dark and dreary day, right?).

Night had fallen.  It was time to get dressed for dinner...



Sandra said...

Belated Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a relaxing getaway time for you both. Good to hear from you, been awhile. Love you both, Sandra

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Many many more years together! Jeannie

Anonymous said...

I can smell the salt air. Danny

Anonymous said...

We just read your Day One report and you have some great photographs to go with the story.

We've stayed in Cambria a couple of times and enjoyed each visit. Can't wait to hear more.
Robert & Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Fabulousness always good anytime!!
Blessings 🙏🏻 Asunta

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them. It must have been a lovely anniversary. Caroline

Anonymous said...

So glad you sent the link…..I loved the photos and the feeling….
I remember we talked about it because we’d just come back from Cambria also.
Beautiful place,