Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The Beige Cliffs of Fort Bragg

I woke early and saw that our cabin in the woods was engulfed in fog.   I immediately checked Richard.  His head was still connected to his body and his pulse was beating normally.  So, no visit from the Buckner family... at least not in our cabin.  I called Bob and Nguyen to make sure their heads were on straight.  All was well with them, too.

After breakfasting in our cabins, we decided to venture north to Fort Bragg.  We sped along the coast highway at a breezy clip of 10 mph, as the fog masked much of the sheer drops to the ocean.  Needless to say, this less than breakneck speed, coupled with nothing to see when I looked down put an end to my whimpering. 

We arrived late-morning and hit the trail to the white cliffs of Dover... well, the beige cliffs of Fort Bragg, at any rate.  

The fog had lifted a bit, though the cool mist that remained gave us a chill, so we bundled up.  Richard braved a hoodie feeling secure in the hovering mist that no one would mistake him for a gang member and shoot him. 

My brother, a big guy, also needed an extra layer, so Nguyen dragged out one of her ponchos from the SUV and layered it on him.  Not the most flattering ensemble, but it worked to buffer the cold.

Kathy and Heathcliff may have had their misty, foggy English moors, but we had the misty, foggy cliffs of Fort Bragg. And they are expansive and dramatic.


 We walked the cliffs' edge and came to a stairway to the Pacific.  It was steep.  We didn't want a workout so we passed it by.

We spied the Loch Ness Monster... yes, he's there in the mist, presumably on holiday from the Loch Ness.

Birds perched on rocks in the sea.

We discovered caves.

And explored the beige cliffs.

Then HE appeared.  Don't jump!  Was it Buckner?  Who knows? 


Because he soon disappeared.  Lost in the mist.

Nguyen looked for him as Richard tried to capture it all on camera.

The sun peeked out as we headed back to our car.

It was time to find a restaurant and have an early dinner by the sea and watch boats boating to and fro.

Another day, another excellent adventure.


Anonymous said...

I was born on Fort Bragg, NC......this looks much more exotic than a military base.....LOL Phyllis

Anonymous said...

So who please is Buckner? I have not heard of this particular myth!

ilona saari said...

The Buckners were the family in the horror flick "Cabin in the Woods" who murder and decapitated people - see my reference to it in my prior blog "Ilona & Richard's Excellent Adventure - Cabin In the Woods"...

Anonymous said...

The bluffs have memories that date back to 76..... Panchos were tailored better do me then..... Bob

Jeannie said...

Both Tom and my brother, Jim, did basic training at Fort Bragg.

ilona saari said...

Hi Jeanne.. Ft. Bragg California or Ft. Bragg NJ? I had tons of friends who did their basic in NJ...

eileen said...

Ft. Bragg is in North Carolina for the marines. Many did regular army training in Ft. Dix, NJ. Besides all that, I enjoyed your road trip once again. Any special food?

ilona saari said...

Ah, yes Ft. Bragg in N.C., not NJ.. Of course "my" Fort Bragg was above Mendocino on the coast of California with those wonderful bluffs/cliffs. It's quite dramatic. Other than The Dog House burgers and hot dogs I wrote about in my first "adventure" post - nothing special, (we cooked most dinners in our cabins after a day of traveling about) tho my next posting on this Mendocino adventure will be about a fab little restaurant in an old bordello/"inn"... Stay tuned! ;)

Janet Mahon said...

As I had spent lots of time in Northern California I look forward to hearing more about this great adventure. I look forward to a visit to Fort Bragg area this summer. I loved your photos. Makes me want to get there as soon as possible.