Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PANNING FOR GOLD - Stevenot Winery

Stevenot Winery

Continuing to explore Calaveras County in the Sierra foothills, I decided to skip Mark Twain's jumping frogs and jump to the Stevenot Winery tasting room in the town of Murphys.  I had had a glass (or two) of their chardonnay the night before at my b'day dinner at Crusco's Ristorante in Angel's Camp and was looking forward to sipping some more of their wine.

The tasting room was a fun space with brick and stone walls...

... and whimsical hangings of lights, stars and tiny American flags.

Our lovely barista welcomed us (Richard, brother Bob, sister-in-law Nguyen and me) with a smile.

As she poured our tasting flight ($5 - though the fee is waived for wine club members and guests), she told us that the Stevenot family first came to Gold Rush country in the mid-1800s but that the winery wasn't established until 1978.  In 2010 Jon and David Oliveto (Oliveto Distribution, Inc.) bought Stevenot, keeping the name, and carrying on the Stevenot tradition of fine, quality wines.

Our first taste was the 2013 Reserva Chardonnay ($22), a lovely wine aged in French oak barrels leaving a light buttery taste.  Not too oaky.  Not too buttery.  As Goldilocks would say, just right!

The 2010 Sangiovese ($22) had a subtle cherry aroma and a pleasant ripe fruit taste. 

Sipping the 2011 Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon ($26) put a smile on my face with its yummy hints of chocolate and blackberry.

As did the 2011 Reserva Petite Sirah ($26) hitting all the Sirah notes including black fruit and anise.

My favorite of the reds was the 2011 Reserva Barbera ($26) a jammy wine that teased the tongue with berries black and blue.

If you're hungry, the tasting room also offers a Tasting Plate of salami, asiago cheese, sharp cheddar, olives and chocolate for $10. 

So, next time you're in this part of Gold Rush country and want to enjoy some good wine, rush over to the Stevenot Winery tasting room at:

458 Main Street #3
Murphys, California 95247

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