Thursday, May 22, 2014

CARLY SIMON'S Grilled Atlantic Salmon w/ Summer Vegetable Hash

Grilled Atlantic Salmon w/ Summer Vegetable Hash

When Richard first made this dish a few years ago, I waited in ANTICIPATION to taste the results.
Why?  I love hash!  I love mixing whatever's in the fridge and hashing it all together and Carly's version of a hash sounded delicious -- Perfect for a summer night's supper.

Since, in our house, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER than Richard cooking in the kitchen, I wasn't surprised how good it was.

(I know, cheezy, right?  I just couldn't help myself.  Besides I love Carly's music and love these two songs - it's a good thing I couldn't figure out how to throw in YOU'RE SO VAIN, but I digress...)

Now that the hot weather is here - this is a perfect dinner for yourself or for company...  Open up a chilled bottle of white or a tasty pinot noir and enjoy.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon
w/ Summer Vegetable Hash

Note:  At the time Richard found this recipe it was listed as a "tasty creation" of Chef Ben DeForest, the chef at Carly's Martha Vineyard restaurant, Hot Tin Roof (known locally at "The Roof") which she co-owned w/ Harvey Weinstein, Strauss Zelnick and John Sykes.


1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons julienne summer squash
2 tablespoons julienne red bell pepper
2 tablespoons julienne red onion
3 ounces bliss potatoes, cooked and crumbled (other potatoes can be substituted if you can't find    bliss)

Note 2:  Believing this was a recipe "adaptation to the magazine" mistake since tablespoons of julienne summer veggies barely feeds a hamster never mind the four this recipe is designed for, Richard just juliennes away and suggests you do the same and julienne as much of the veggies you think will feed four.

two 12 ounce Atlantic (tho we use Pacific since we do live in California, after all) salmon fillets

Belgian endive spears and asparagus spears for garnish - optional.


Heat a skillet over moderately high heat.
Add oil and julienne vegetables and saute until slightly colored.

Add potatoes and toss. (In this case, Richard substituted turnips for potatoes, since I'm doing the starch-y low-carb thing).

Season hash with salt and pepper to taste and keep warm.

Preheat the grill while sauteing the veggies, then grill salmon until done.

Serve on top the vegetable hash, garnished with the asparagus and endive.

Bon appetit.


Sandra Lewin said...

Ilona and Richard, That looks really good. A nice change in serving salmon. Sandra

Caroline said...

Looks yummy and healthy!