Friday, February 10, 2012

Freeze Frame -- my book

Just wanted to let all my readers know that my 'suspense-thriller-mystery' John Grisham meets Sue Grafton book is finally available to buy online.  Alert the media!!!! 

It's on Amazon - see link below in the email I C&P'd from Create Space.


However (I love "howevers") - If you want to buy it  (and I hope you do), you can go directly to the Amazon's publishing arm I used, Create Space, and order it there (at double the royalties to me - love that ) for the same price.  Here's the link:

If you do buy it (hell, buy dozens and give them out to family and friends ), I hope you'll have a good time reading it.  And please feel free to spread the word.  Words spread is always a good thing. ;o)

I hope you'll click in, be intrigued and, perhaps, but a copy....

Below is the email I got from Create Space and the pic of my cover, bio, book description, yada, yada, yada...-

Your CreateSpace eStore is currently available. An easy way to find your 
CreateSpace eStore is to simply enter your Title ID number after  The URL to your eStore is:

Your detail page will build in stages over five to seven business 
days. You'll see parts of it appear over time, rather than all at once. This is 
part of the process of making your title live on Amazon, and it's Amazon's 
standard detail page construction procedure. Our records show that Amazon began 
building your detail page on February 8. Please check periodically to 
verify the status of your title's listing. Although your Amazon detail page is 
not yet available, the link to this page will be: 

Below is part of my page on Create Space which has a pic of the book's cover and my bio.  Click on my URL link about for Create Space and you'll be able to see it all.


Freeze Frame

List Price: $10.99

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About the author:
Ilona Saari is a freelance writer who's worked in many genres, from television/film to essayist to rock 'n' roll press to political campaigns. She was a Presidential Deputy Press Secretary and press liaison for two national Presidential conventions and has written many speeches for celebrities stumping for presidential candidates and women's issues. Her essays have been published in newspapers such as the NY Daily News and others across the country. "Freeze Frame" is her first novel. Though a native New Yorker, Ilona currently lives with her husband in Studio City, California.

Freeze Frame

Authored by Ilona Joy Saari

A U.S. Senator is shot on New York's Circle Line Ferry and his body disappears into the East River. The next day, Lorna Raven, a young videographer, is taping the contents of a Beekman Place townhouse for insurance purposes when she captures a shadowy image of a a man on the glass covering a painting. Her brother, an ex-reporter and her business partner, thinks that shadow looks like the "dead" Senator. She laughs it off. Naively, she has a passionate fling with a man who claims to be a New York policeman investigating the Senator's murder, and that's only one of his lies. Soon after, someone tries to kill her brother, putting him in a coma. Suddenly, nothing's funny anymore, and when someone tries to kill her she's forced to go on the run. Unable to trust anyone, she finds herself sucked into an intricate plot that leads to the highest level of American intelligence.


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