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You know that commercial where the guy is talking about recommended retirement investments and says incredulously:  “Come on – a vineyard!?”  Well, Jim Witte did just that.  He packed up his suitcase, left LA and the “glamour” of “showbiz,” moved to Oregon and bought a vineyard outside of Portland.  There, as in a fairytale for “the young at heart,” he re-met Holly, a woman he’d known for 40 years, when a mutual friend urged them to “do lunch.”   They fell in love, married, moved into their ‘castle’ and have cats, dogs, horses and pigeons – oh, and a winery.

Just before Richard and I left for our recent winery adventure in Sonoma (yes, I’ll be blogging all about it), Jim and Holly came to LA and reunited some of his old TVbiz workmates for a tasting… Of course we went.  What a perfect way to see old friends and to kick-off our own wine adventure.

The tasting started w/ a lovely dry 2009 Riesling ($15) and segued into a 2009 chardonnay ($12) which has a nice crisp, fruity taste.  The 2009 pinot gris is a perfect summer wine w/ salads or hors d’oeuvres.  The 2008 Mingle ($12) is a refreshing blend of pinot gris, chardonnay and Riesling and was a bronze star winner at the NW Wine Summit.

Next was a smooth 2008 pinot noir ($20) - a silver award – NW Wine Summit winner, and a 2008 Oregon Wine Awards Outstanding Award winner.  The new 2009 pinot noir ($15) is the youngest of their wines and leaves you w/ a hint of chocolate.  This was my personal favorite.

What I also liked about Jim and Holly’s wines was that no wine had more than a 13.5% alcohol content and no bottle cost more than $20.00.

So cheers to Jim & Holly.  Who says fairy tales don’t come true?


A Blooming Hill wines can be bought in some selected stores, online and at the winery’s
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