Friday, November 13, 2009



In case you hadn’t guessed by now, I have a ‘fondness’ for burgers. Not McDonald’s burgers or In-N-Out Burgers, but real burgers. Burgers you get at Prime Burger across the street from St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York … or at The Village Idiot (see my “It Takes A Village…” blog) on Melrose in Los Angeles… or those you barbeque at home from ground meat you get at your local supermarket.

And then there’s the Nancy Silverton perfect burger you make at home from the perfect blend of chuck and sirloin...,0,2060283.story

As you may recall, when Richard and I ventured ‘over the hill’ and ‘into the city’ the other day questing for bangers at the Huntington Meats market, we also bought a pound of Nancy’s ground beef made especially for her and the market’s customers. So the night after our bangers and mash orgy, Richard made us the Nancy Silverton burgers.

For our ‘sides,’ he made some cole slaw, and since we still had about 9-1/2 pounds of that 10 pound bag of potatoes Richard found for 99 cents, he made some French fries in our little deep fryer, while he caramelized some onions.

Our cheese topping of choice was cheddar and, as Nancy instructed, he crumbled it before he placed it atop of the grilling burgers.

Was the burger good?  Oh, my… it was.  Just as advertised... perfect.

And we didn’t have to leave the house to have it. So, if you’re craving for a real burger in your own home, grill yourself The Nancy Silverton ground beef blend perfect burger. Your taste buds will thank you.


Anonymous said...

And what beverage goes best with your menu? I'm so used to hearing of your wine choices, but to me, a fine burger is best accompanied by an equally fine (and cold) beer.
Just curious!

saucyredhead said...

I haven't had a burger in years (all the fat and stuff, you know) but this just might be the burger that changes my mind!

ilona saari said...

In keeping w/ our 'budge' - we opened up a bottle of Castle Rock pinot noir we got on sale at Cost Plus for $6.98.

ilona saari said...

oops - 'budget' ;o)

Richard said...

It's the best burger made at home EVAH!
To anonymous: a cold beer (or two) would've gone perfectly with it.
So would a nice cab. Or a merlot. Although a Chateau Petrus might have been over stepping. :)

Chimi said...

Ohhhhh! So THAT's a Nancy Burger! When I saw that title, I was wondering whether Nancy Drew was a Burger Lover and you were a Nancy Drew Fan. Thus, we were gonna get Nancy Drew''s Burger recipe. ;-)

REAL Burger? Nnnnggg, well I guess it would be a Hybrid Burger. The New York Burger foundation with the LA Nancy Silverton flavor flair.

For my tastes though, being a Texan, I like my Burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Jalapeños, bacon ... and sometimes pickles. And mustard. OMG! Does your Nancy Burger NOT include mustard?

The caramelized onions ... were they eaten as a side or were they put in the burger? That's what I'd do.

Is it my imagination or do those burger patties look 1" THICK ... even AFTER cooking? It all looks delicious, Ilona. Especially when all I had for dinner was a Tuna Sandwich. Doh! My mouth is watering. As Rachel Ray would say: Yumm-Oh! LOL

Interestingly enough, you know where out of all the eating joints on the planet I had the BEST Fries ever? At some little hole in the wall booth there in Universal Studios back in 97. They had this awesome spicy seasoning. They were Fries Perfection!

Wait a minute. WHAT? Y'all had Www Wwww ... WINE with your Burgers? I need a Fainting Emoticon here. LOL Burgers go with Dr. Pepper. Anybody knows that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The "best fries" you ever had at U Studios were from Benita's Fries. They had over 25 dipping sauces like spicy romoulade to go with the amazing fries. Miss that place (SM was the original)

ilona saari said...

I've never fries a U. Studios - but I'll have to check them out at Benita's Fries